Your Guildhall

Since May 2016, Finchingfield Guildhall has been owned on behalf of the community by Finchingfield Guildhall Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), a registered charity.  

The Restoration

Finchingfield Guildhall fell into disrepair and in the 1950s attempts were made to restore the building.  Unfortunately, some inappropriate materials were used, and architectural details were covered up.  In 2008 the Finchingfield Guildhall trust was formed to save the building from dereliction.  After several years sufficient funding was obtained and the restoration started in earnest in 2011.  Expert craftsmen were employed using ancient techniques, and local materials were sourced. 

In clearing the Guildhall for the restoration, an old chest was opened and several large paintings by Arthur Legge RBA were discovered, including this watercolour of villagers walking through the Guildhall archway.  The Guildhall’s collection of Arthur Legge paintings are displayed in the Guildroom.